Mr. Pradeep Kumar Jain started working at a very young age. An enterprising individual, he has worked with a number of brands throughout his entrepreneurship journey. He’s done direct marketing and training for companies like Aristocrat, Ceasefire and Milton, following which he started dealing with Stainless steel products and vessels, in Tezpur, Assam.

Throughout these varied experiences, he embarked on a vast journey across the country, picking up not only knowledge, experience, but also 13 languages along the way. Multi linguist is not enough to describe his proficiency in the various languages.

In the year 1984, when the Packaging Industry was but a budding plant, Mr. Pradeep decided to join in and give it a shot. He started with dealing in multiple Industrial Packaging Products and earned Goodwill throughout the Nation. Following which he thought of joining the race at the time and started manufacturing his own. That is how Power Tape Industries came into existence in the year 2008. Manufacturers of BOPP/Packaging Tapes. In 2018, he decided to go with the trend and introduced the Customization of Packaging Tapes, providing an array of varied options to the businesses that wanted their brand to stay better in the customer’s minds.

With a strong Vision of revolutionising the industry, providing exceptional product quality and service, under the guidance on our founder, The company strives to grow and become a known name in the Industry.

We make it happen!

Power Tape Industries is one of the well recognised names in the market and incorporated in the year 1998 as a Sole Proprietorship based firm. The headquarter of our corporation is located at Coimbatore. We are efficiently involved in manufacturing and trading of  Packaging Tapes, Customising your tapes, Wrapping Machine and many more. These products are highly demanded for their remarkable quality. DVH Power Wonder Self Adhesive Tape is our own registered brand.

2009 the year transformed packaging into an art in itself. Using innovative and latest technologies backed by a dedicated and self motivated professional team with a sense of commitment towards their clients. Our Company has emerged as top notch in  packaging products.

We invite you to examine the wide range of customisation options.

Get your logo printed, or colour code your production using different packaging tapes. Make your packaging eye catching, and leave a lasting impression on your customer's mind.